Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Stuff

 Last Friday I had a doctor's appointment so my mom kept the kids for me. 
I've been meaning to upload this video for a while now and I tried while I was bored out of my mind waiting on the doctor, to only realize I can't upload videos on my mobile.
 It's from last week when Jaycelyn spontaneously brought to my attention that she knows how to spell her name. She is such a smart girl and eager to learn anything and everything! 
She does have some funny little voice she's talking in for this video. Probably because she's "acting" and I put her on the spot. And me...ugh, I hate hearing my voice on camera! 

Since then, Noah has learned to spell his name too! I'm so proud of him! He was having a hard time because A and H sound so much alike. He kept saying N.O.H.H so I wrote each letter on a separate piece of paper and taped them side by side on the wall. Visually seeing that the letters were different made a world of difference. In less than an hour he had it down!

While I was gone to the doctor on Friday, my mom let the kids have some messy fun. She made colored cool whip and let them play with it like finger paint. They made a huge mess, but had a blast! Here are some pictures she took.

This is what Eli did when he found out he could eat it.

Noah painted himself

I think Jaycelyn was really focused on making a masterpiece!


Since I'm almost finished preparing for Christmas, I have thoroughly been taking advantage of the holiday season. These are a few things I hate about seeing the holidays go...

 I plan to make the chocolate covered pretzels tomorrow, but my Noah Reid has been sick all day today so there may be a trip to the doctor in our near future. Bless his heart, you can tell he doesn't feel good. Please keep him your prayers!

I was really bummed a couple years ago when I lost over 6,000 photos that were on my computer when it crashed. I found some pictures the other day that seem like ages ago. I'm glad to have some back, even if it is a few.

I can't believe how young Jason looks in this picture!

Thank God that mustache was just a trial and error.

This one cracks me up!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Eli's 15 Month Check Up & The Christmas Parade

Thursday afternoon, Eli had his 15 month check up along with his 12 month that I missed. To be fair, he was running a fever the week I was supposed to take him and by the time I called to make an appointment, they scheduled it for a month out. Sooo, I'm not that bad right!? I did feel really terrible though when he had to get 6 shots! It kind of pissed me off that the nurse was SO slow and my baby had to be held down screaming in pain while she took her sweet time. That's definitely one of the hardest things about being a parent. Seeing your baby in pain for something that has to be done and there's nothing you can do. It's probably actually harder on us than it is them. 

While we were there, even before the shots, Eli screamed almost the entire time throwing a tantrum. So loud and constant that I couldn't even hear what the doctor was saying. This child has a temper and he does not give up easy. He's starting to realize that he doesn't get everything he wants. I wound up feeding him two suckers and a whole bag of fruit loops just to try and keep him happy. Here are a couple of pics I took before he started throwing his fits.

His stats were:

Weight: 28.6 lbs.
Height: 33 inches
HC: 19 1/4 inches
I'd say he's a pretty big boy! :)

Thursday night, the kids and I went to the Christmas parade in town. I don't guess I have much to say about it except it was way better than I expected. The kids had a great time seeing and playing with their friends.
I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy talking and trying to catch up with friends from high school. Here are a few I did get though. 


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So What! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I've already stolen a bag of chocolates out of Jason's stocking stuff
  • I talked him into picking up pizza for dinner so I didn't have to cook
  • I might have eaten four pieces of that pizza
  • I usually let Eli finish out his nap when he passes out in his highchair
  • I quit doing everything after Jason got home and watched Duck Dynasty for 4 hours
  • I got cut off from the checking account because I'm a shopaholic 
  • I'm taking Eli for his 12 month appointment tomorrow and he's almost 16 months old
  • I'm already looking at other kinds of pets even though I know it's not gonna happen
  • I want new wrapping paper because what I have doesn't match my Christmas decor
  • I constantly check my door step for packages
  • I have to email my husband to get his full attention, including my ridiculous Christmas list!
  • Jason is a better homemaker than I am
  • I'm trying to unwind with a glass of wine so I can go to sleep sometime tonight


What are you saying SO WHAT to this week?

200+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone!

I put together a list of 200+ stocking stuffer ideas (with a little help from others) divided into age categories, ranging from free to a little over $100. Some people choose to do larger amount gifts in the stockings so Hey, you might find something! :)
I hope so! 
These are in no particular order.

Mother to Be, Baby, or Toddler

Puffs, yogurt melts, mum mums, or other cookies
Sippy cups
Silverware set
Fisher Price peek-a-blocks Here
Keep sake, personalized ornament
Wrist rattles
Fisher Price Roll-a-Rounds: Look-a-Rounds Here
Bathtub toys
Little People, cars, or animals
Weebles Here
Hat, mitten, & gloves set
Bath time essentials travel set
Refrigerator magnets
Night light
Formula dispenser
Mesh fresh food feeder
Plug covers
Closet dividers
Baby Legs
Sassy disposable diaper sacks 
Stackable snack containers
Favorite snacks
My first crayola character crayons
Playskool lullaby glow worm 

Preschool or Kids (ages 3-12) 

Hot wheels
Bathtub crayons
Finger Paint
Temporary tatoos
Tummy Tickler's Character Juice Here
Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils
Coloring book
House slippers
Walkie Talkies
Electronic games
Hair bows, clips, ponytail holders
Concert tickets
Glow sticks
Zoo membership
Bug Catching Kit
Silly Bandz
Apron (rolled up)
Cookie cutters
Silly Putty
Card games (Uno, Old Maid, Go Fish)
Flash Cards
Character Band-aids
 Brush/comb set
Favorite Children's Songs Cd
Personalized, Insulated, or straw cups
Ball cap
Flavored chapstick
Movie theater gift card
Piggy Paint Nail polish Here
Notepad or doodle pad 
Character Ice packs 
Hand soap
Silly straws
Magnifying glass
Magic Milk straws Here
Whoopie cushion
Sidewalk chalk

Teen or Adult

Leggings/leg warmers
Personalized cell phone case
Calendar/ planner
Coupon organizer 
Hand warmers
Coffee/K cups/Starbucks gift card
Personalized Ornament
Personalized Golf club links Here
Wine opener
Magazine subscription
Pocket knife
A book or gift certificate to B&N or BAM
Handmade pen
Personalized Stationary
Survival bracelet
iTunes gift card
Fuzzy socks
Lingerie, panties, or a Victoria Secret gift card
Pocket size all weather outdoor notepad Here
Coffee mug
Emergency sewing kit;
Camera strap
Personalized key chain
Playing cards
Guitar picks/strings/cleaner
Guitar strap
Drum sticks
Shaving cream
Beard trimmer
Safety razor & blades Here 
 (You can buy them for around $12 at Sally's Beauty Supply)
Oven mits /dishtowels
Measuring spoons
Tomato/potato peeler or slicer
Cookie cutters
Personalized apron rolled up around wooden spoons
Family recipe
Business card holder
Concert tickets
Movie theater gift card
Ice cream/frozen yogurt gift card
Drill bit set
Golf balls/tees
Makeup brushes
Eye shadow
Body Scrub
Oil warmer scents
Mini candles
Bug Spray
Razor knife
Hot cocoa
First aid kit
Assorted nuts/trail mix
Beef jerky
Dart set
Car freshener
Giant candy bar
Extra camera battery
SD card
5 hour energy, Red bull, Monster
Hunter's Scent Cover Wash & shampoo
Spoon ring
Audio book
Conversion chart
Polish remover
Handwritten letter
Sewing kit
Tide pen 
Ear plugs 
Head phones
Summer sausage, cheese, & crackers
Gas card
A new charm for a charm bracelet
Handmade card from kids
Rubik's cube
Manicure kit
Manicure & Pedicure gift certificate
Gel polish or strips
Kitchen utensils
Shower cap
Sunless tanner
Pumice Bar
Hair towel
Bath wrap
Armour All
Sunglasses Case
 Wristlet/change purse
Jewelry cleaner
Tire gauge
Ice scraper
Heart rate monitor watch
iPod shuffle
Gardening gloves
Fabric scissors
Wind chime
Bird feeder
Pepper spray
Handheld GPS
Flavored drink mixes
Lottery tickets 
and who doesn't love Cash!

Did I miss anything?!
 Leave a comment below if you have anything to  add, I'd love to hear it! ;) 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Christmas Mantel

Today I'm linking up with The Lettered Cottage and showing you my Christmas Mantel.

I bought these deer from the dollar store a few years back...

As well as the angel... but I added all of the bows and the red paint that's on the angel. 
The candlesticks are a couple that I have left from a set that I still keep on the fireplace..

The lighting makes all of the colors kind of look off in the next two pics.
 The camera just doesn't capture what I see anyways. ;)

We don't have stockings at the moment since we're a family of five. 
I want to make some so I'm hoping to do that soon or at least by next Christmas!

The Lettered Cottage 
Check out The Lettered Cottage for more Christmas Mantel's or link up and show us yours! 


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Handprint Ornaments

A while back I bought some magic model clay so that I could add the kids hand prints to my tree this year.
Last weekend my sister and Conner were over so we decided to make them
Jason decided he needed to help us, so he started rolling out and forming the clay (redneck style).

Noah went first...

Then Jaycelyn...


Conner sat in the highchair and ate yogurt melts until it was his turn...

Christian forgot to take Conner's so it's on my tree for now.

Then Eli had his turn...


I love how they turned out.
 I used a piece of Jute to hang them and left them with the natural look. 
There are recipes on pinterest to make your own clay but I found a tub of this clay at Hobby Lobby so I just opted for the easy way out.

Jason even had a little fun with it too.

J & N also did these fun little snowman ornaments. 
Maybe Eli can join in on this one next year. It just wasn't happening this time.

One tradition that I started with the kids is for them to pick out their very own new ornament to add to the tree every year. I write their name and age on the back of it. When they are grown, they will already have a collection of ornaments for their tree and will also have some special meaning to them. If not, then I will just continue to put them on mine! :)
What new ornaments or priceless treasures are you adding to your tree this year? 
What traditions have you've started with your children? 


Friday, November 30, 2012


Wow have I been busy over the past week! Clearly because I'm posting about Thanksgiving over a week late!
After what happened with Bella on Wednesday, Thanksgiving with family and friends and the long weekend helped us feel better. The kids still talk about her at least once a day and say they miss her often. I think about her often too. Like yesterday when I saw some squirrels on our back porch, and thought how happy they must be. I know they're not missing her. And I had a mini breakdown the other day when I finally made myself wash her food and water bowls and put them away.
I think we are done with the pets for a while. I have enough things to worry about and care for. I guess we'll just see how it goes.

On Thanksgiving, we had lunch at my grandmothers house. It was a good day and good food! We stayed most of the day talking and looking at Black Friday ads. We left around 7:00 and headed home. I put the kids in bed and headed out to meet my mom and sister for some shopping.
Here are some of the very few pics my sister and I took on Thanksgiving :)

My Mom, Dad, Jaycelyn, Noah, and my nephew Conner. Eli just wasn't having it.

My brother 

 My Grandma
My Sister

My eyes were so puffy :-/

My sweet Noah Reid, I love this picture!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! I've been decorating for a week now and I'm finally finished. I changed my Christmas tree up this year and I love how it came together. I'll share soon. Have a great weekend! :)



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