Friday, April 30, 2010

Change of Plans

I still have the fabric for the pillowcase dresses and plan to start on them soon, but in the meantime my mother-in-law bought a pattern for an A-line dress. She liked a little black and white poodle applique so I chose the fabric and buttons from that. When I got my sewing machine out, I realized that the bobbin case was missing and I think it's something you probably have to order. Anyway, while we were picking out fabric I found a sewing machine for FORTY dollars so I bought it. I was excited because it was marked down about fifty dollars and it is perfect for me right now. I do plan to get a sewing & embroidery machine later but I wanted to make sure I was serious about it before I spent that kind of money. So back to the dress! I was up until 3 am the first night and managed to finish all of it except doing the buttons and sewing the hem and the interfacing by hand. I was able to take a couple of hours out of the next night to finally get it done....

It is definitely not perfect but I enjoyed the experience and I look forward to making the next one and getting more creative with it!

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