Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day today! I have been so blessed with the most wonderful Mom and Grandmothers! Also I can't thank God enough for the precious gifts he has given to me so that I can be the proud mommy that I am and enjoy this special day!

I want to say to those of you who are continuously trying to have that sweet baby of your very own, I pray that you faithfully trust in God that he will give you the strength to stay strong until his time is right! He has a great plan for us all but it is definitely in his time!

Today, we had lunch at our house for our Mom's and my Grandmother's. Jason's mom wasn't able to make it today due to pneumonia so we sent her a plate home and hope she gets well soon! Here are a few pictures we took today!

My Mom and I

My Dad and Jason grilling

Aunt Carol (Great Aunt), Faith (cousin), Grandma, and Nanny

Aunt Carla & I

My Nanny (Dad's Mom), my Mom, and my Grandma (Mom's Mom)

My Beautiful Baby Girl (She Smiled! It's a miracle!!)

And I am 24 weeks today! Only 16 weeks to go! YAY!

Friday, May 6, 2011

SUYL: Favorite Vacation Spots

Today is SUYL at Kelly's Korner so I'm linking up with her for my Favorite Vacation Spots. Although I love love love going to the beach and made so many memories there as a kid, I think now since we've become a family of our own we have definitely made more memories in Gatlinburg, TN.
My husband's step father has owned a cabin in Gatlinburg for many many years, but unfortunately he sold it in February. I hated to see it go not only because it was close and convenient, but he was gracious to let us make many memories there that I will never forget.

From being married there in March of 2006,

Watching Alabama take home a win against Tennessee,

spending long, hot, but fun days at Dollywood Splashpark,

Heading out on an "adventure" that winds up turning into a 4 mile hike to see a gorgeous waterfall. (While 8 months pregnant!) Needless to say I was regretting it all the way back down!

Watching the midnight parade for the 4th of July, and the best firework show I've ever seen anywhere,

meeting my Grandparents and my Aunt for the very first time in my life and another trip the following year,


Noah's first Halloween,

driving through Cade's Cove and enjoying all of the beautiful scenery,

driving to the top of the Smokies,

horseback riding,

visiting the "exotic petting zoo",

my babies riding their first "kiddie rides",

and of course, always late nights of Putt Putt and ice cream!

I think we have made some kind of memory there with every person that is close to us, so I would have to say for now, that is our favorite vacation spot! I can't wait to find many more new vacation spots that I can make new memories with all of the people I love the most! :)

If you want to read about many other bloggers favorite vacation spots you can click here!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Children of the Storm

Today I had the privilege of volunteering through the Moms helping Moms group for a "Children of the Storm" baby drive that was put on by 93.7 WDJC and Alabama Baby and Child Magazine. We had a really great turn out and it is so amazing to see how many people are coming together for this time of need in our state of Alabama. All of the donations that were given today went to Christian Services Mission in Birmingham where they will get it to the ones across the state with the most urgent needs.

Alabama Childcare Resources brought these pre-made bags for several children from infant boy/girl to toddler boy/girl. It broke my heart to look at it and see the little book that they had in some of them and think that it might be the only toy a precious little child may have.

Christian Services Mission is taking donations daily and they have a facebook page where they often list what the urgent needs are and they know what area these are needed in. It's going to take a while for most people to get back what they have lost and get back into a home so please continue to pray for each and every person that was affected by these tragic storms and especially the one's who lost their loved ones and do what you can to help because we all can do something.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Couponing 101

Okay, So who hasn't watched extreme couponing on TLC on Wednesday nights and not gotten a little excited about the idea of using coupons? Or for me we could maybe say a little obsessed?!

I've always used coupons when I had them and tried to buy things on sale, but after seeing just how much money you can save, It almost makes me sick to pay full price for something or even buy something that I don't have a coupon for. I surely have not mastered saving 99% on a $1,900.00 grocery bill but any money saved definitely adds up.
Also, don't get me wrong, to build a stockpile of things that we use in our household, especially since we will be a family of five soon is one thing, but unless most of it is going to be given away or donated then we do not need 70 bottles of mustard or 1,000 tubes of toothpaste. Let's just be honest, although I do love to spend money, I like to get more bang for my buck. My husband is putting me on a budget anyways so by me spending less money on household things and groceries for our family then I have more to spend on other things.

Before I made a coupon binder, I did some research on some of the best techniques of getting the quickest, and easiest use out of it. I thought that just in case anyone else was looking to make one, I would show you what I have come up with and it might be helpful with some ideas for yours or you might have some ideas to make mine more useful.

First, I let Jaycelyn help me pick out a binder. I decided to go with a zipper binder because of the storage room and with kids, this one is a lot harder for them to get into to.

On the inside there are a couple of folder pockets that I keep sale papers, envelopes, and a list that I can make of all items I am purchasing, how many coupons, and my final total + tax.

Then I always keep a pen & pencil, scissors, and a calculator.

The first section in my binder is divided by individual stores that I shop at. Behind each store I keep savings cards, coupons, or rain checks for that particular store. I use baseball card protectors to keep everything in.

Behind the stores, I have a section for Free, which means that something is absolutely free. (Like, a $10 off coupon to JC Penney for anything $10 or more) and Merchant (which I have mainly retail or restaurant coupons).

The next section is where I keep all of my manufactured coupons and they are divided into three categories and several sub-categories.

The first category is FOOD, sub-categories are:
Baby- this one is for food only
Staples- sugar, flour,oil

Second is PERSONAL, sub-categories are:
Baby- this one is for diapers, wipes, or anything else baby related

Third is HOUSEHOLD, sub-categories are:
Air Fresheners

I also keep a "Buy Price" shopping list in the front that you can print from that lists the lowest price that you can pay for most items.


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