Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Stuff

 Last Friday I had a doctor's appointment so my mom kept the kids for me. 
I've been meaning to upload this video for a while now and I tried while I was bored out of my mind waiting on the doctor, to only realize I can't upload videos on my mobile.
 It's from last week when Jaycelyn spontaneously brought to my attention that she knows how to spell her name. She is such a smart girl and eager to learn anything and everything! 
She does have some funny little voice she's talking in for this video. Probably because she's "acting" and I put her on the spot. And me...ugh, I hate hearing my voice on camera! 

Since then, Noah has learned to spell his name too! I'm so proud of him! He was having a hard time because A and H sound so much alike. He kept saying N.O.H.H so I wrote each letter on a separate piece of paper and taped them side by side on the wall. Visually seeing that the letters were different made a world of difference. In less than an hour he had it down!

While I was gone to the doctor on Friday, my mom let the kids have some messy fun. She made colored cool whip and let them play with it like finger paint. They made a huge mess, but had a blast! Here are some pictures she took.

This is what Eli did when he found out he could eat it.

Noah painted himself

I think Jaycelyn was really focused on making a masterpiece!


Since I'm almost finished preparing for Christmas, I have thoroughly been taking advantage of the holiday season. These are a few things I hate about seeing the holidays go...

 I plan to make the chocolate covered pretzels tomorrow, but my Noah Reid has been sick all day today so there may be a trip to the doctor in our near future. Bless his heart, you can tell he doesn't feel good. Please keep him your prayers!

I was really bummed a couple years ago when I lost over 6,000 photos that were on my computer when it crashed. I found some pictures the other day that seem like ages ago. I'm glad to have some back, even if it is a few.

I can't believe how young Jason looks in this picture!

Thank God that mustache was just a trial and error.

This one cracks me up!


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  1. Oh how precious! Way to go Jaycelyn and Noah! Happy New Year to you and your family, Rachel!



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