Friday, May 6, 2011

SUYL: Favorite Vacation Spots

Today is SUYL at Kelly's Korner so I'm linking up with her for my Favorite Vacation Spots. Although I love love love going to the beach and made so many memories there as a kid, I think now since we've become a family of our own we have definitely made more memories in Gatlinburg, TN.
My husband's step father has owned a cabin in Gatlinburg for many many years, but unfortunately he sold it in February. I hated to see it go not only because it was close and convenient, but he was gracious to let us make many memories there that I will never forget.

From being married there in March of 2006,

Watching Alabama take home a win against Tennessee,

spending long, hot, but fun days at Dollywood Splashpark,

Heading out on an "adventure" that winds up turning into a 4 mile hike to see a gorgeous waterfall. (While 8 months pregnant!) Needless to say I was regretting it all the way back down!

Watching the midnight parade for the 4th of July, and the best firework show I've ever seen anywhere,

meeting my Grandparents and my Aunt for the very first time in my life and another trip the following year,


Noah's first Halloween,

driving through Cade's Cove and enjoying all of the beautiful scenery,

driving to the top of the Smokies,

horseback riding,

visiting the "exotic petting zoo",

my babies riding their first "kiddie rides",

and of course, always late nights of Putt Putt and ice cream!

I think we have made some kind of memory there with every person that is close to us, so I would have to say for now, that is our favorite vacation spot! I can't wait to find many more new vacation spots that I can make new memories with all of the people I love the most! :)

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  1. Hello! Found your from Kelly's blog. My name is Emily and I am probably 2 hours away from Gatlinburg. The traffic is what gets us and causes us so much time. I love going to Gatlinburg as often as we can. My husband proposed to me in Cades Cove back in October 2000. There are many memories for me there as well. Thanks for sharing... the Smokies are beautiful!

  2. I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I love Gatlinburg too! Thanks for sharing!

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