Tuesday, May 3, 2011

23 Weeks

Last Wednesday I went to the doctor for my monthly check up. It was a very quick appointment because the storms were moving in and everyone was trying to leave early so they could make it home safe. The kids and I were out already so I called to see if they could go ahead and get me in early or I was going to skip it and go on home so I wasn't stuck out in bad weather with the kids by myself. I'm so glad that I took extra precautions anyways because I don't think any of us knew how bad it was going to get.

There isn't a whole lot to update you on but here is what's going on:

The baby's heart rate was 149-150 bpm. & the doctor said everything was measuring right on track.

Total weight gain is 8lbs.

These aren't the best quality but I still haven't gotten my camera so these will have to do for now.

I finally broke down and bought one of those Be Bands from Target.

I've had a lot of Braxton Hicks Contractions lately which can be quite annoying and very uncomfortable at times when I'm trying to get house work or something done, but they are very manageable.

I'm pretty sure that we are going to name him Elijah and call him Eli, but can't decide on a middle name. I'm considering the middle name Grant but we haven't really talked about it. I haven't really found anything that flows nicely with it. Any ideas?

As far as cravings go, I haven't really had any lately at all. Most of the time I really don't even feel pregnant. (I'm not complaining!) I just have a big appetite all the time for mostly anything. I do love cereal though. I will eat it anytime of the day and every day. That's not a new thing though. I've always been like that even though I despise the taste of milk. Weird I guess.

Right now Jaycelyn and Noah share a room so we've decided to move Jaycelyn into her own bedroom and let's just say that I am no where ready!? This is our junk room and you can't even see half of it in the picture. It's mostly full of yard sale stuff (which will now probably be donated once I can start going through it), bags of clothes and baby stuff for our new baby boy, and boxes and boxes of super cute, very nice clothes for Noah that my oh so sweet neighbor Pam gave to me from her 3 boys. :)

Okay, Yeah I have a long way to go on that, but it will get done sooner or later. Hopefully sooner than later!

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