Saturday, December 1, 2012

Handprint Ornaments

A while back I bought some magic model clay so that I could add the kids hand prints to my tree this year.
Last weekend my sister and Conner were over so we decided to make them
Jason decided he needed to help us, so he started rolling out and forming the clay (redneck style).

Noah went first...

Then Jaycelyn...


Conner sat in the highchair and ate yogurt melts until it was his turn...

Christian forgot to take Conner's so it's on my tree for now.

Then Eli had his turn...


I love how they turned out.
 I used a piece of Jute to hang them and left them with the natural look. 
There are recipes on pinterest to make your own clay but I found a tub of this clay at Hobby Lobby so I just opted for the easy way out.

Jason even had a little fun with it too.

J & N also did these fun little snowman ornaments. 
Maybe Eli can join in on this one next year. It just wasn't happening this time.

One tradition that I started with the kids is for them to pick out their very own new ornament to add to the tree every year. I write their name and age on the back of it. When they are grown, they will already have a collection of ornaments for their tree and will also have some special meaning to them. If not, then I will just continue to put them on mine! :)
What new ornaments or priceless treasures are you adding to your tree this year? 
What traditions have you've started with your children? 


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