Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pure Exhaustion

Ok, so I know it's been a while but if you couldn't already tell from the title of this post....I'm absolutely exhausted! You never really appreciate how much sleep you get to enjoy with your first pregnancy. You don't have any other children to chase around, you can nap whenever you want, go to bed when you want, and get out of bed when you want. That's what brings me to say that the holidays are all pretty much a blur to me. I know this sounds terrible and the only pictures that were really taken were from Jason walking around snapping them of people. Overall, we did have a great time with family & friends and the kids had a great time. Jaycelyn really got to enjoy the full effect of opening presents this year and Noah just didn't care. He let Jaycelyn open all of his gifts for him.

Yesterday was Jasons 29th birthday so we just had the family over for a small get together. He wanted a strawberry cake so I did manage to find enough love & energy somewhere to make one. Thanks to my neighbor Pam who let me interrupt her day and let me use her oven to finish cooking them because mine of all times wanted to quit in the middle of baking them. It all worked out good though and it was so moist and delicious, even though it did take about 3 hours to make. :) Here is the recipe, if you want to make it! It's a must try!

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