Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beach Trip

I am so glad to be blogging again! It has been forever and I have a lot to get caught up so I will try to do it in a couple of different posts.

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I went with my mother-in-law, niece, and nephew to the beach for a few days. Jaycelyn loved every minute of it! The sun, sand, ocean, pool, EVERYTHING! You could actually forget about her being right beside you because she was so content and happy just playing or rolling in the sand all day long.

This was Noah's first time to go to the beach and he was the total opposite, he hated the sun and the sand. He was okay in the ocean but it was so tiring trying to hold myself up, pregnant and unbalanced, and keep waves from knocking him off of his feet. There was a few happy moments I was able to capture and the kids playing together for a very short time. We would spend the rest of the afternoon usually at the pool and Noah was much happier.

One day my mother-in-law stayed with Noah in the hotel and I was able to spend some time with Jaycelyn. We soaked up some sun, ate lunch at the snack bar, looked around the gift shop, and then went to the pool.

The hotel we stayed at had several different activities for all different ages every day and one day they had face painting and balloon animals. Both of the kids did both and they looked adorable!

Jaycelyn also was "suppose" to take hula lessons one night but we won't get into how that went! Let's just say she came up with her own moves and ran all over the stage. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was very tired and she usually acts out when she desperately needs a nap. AND the fact that she sat in my lap and passed out after about two minutes when it was over! I'm just glad that she wasn't the only one and it was more of a fun activity for the kids to burn some energy.
She also watched a movie outside on the big screen with Liz one night while Peyton, Tucker, Noah, and I did a little bit of shopping at Pier Park. She really loved it. And the popcorn.

Another night we all went back to Pier Park to do some more shopping and I wanted to let the kids ride the train and a do a couple of other rides I saw there. Jaycelyn decided she wanted to get on this bungee trampoline thing so I let her and she went what looked so high, but she LOVED it!

Noah again wasn't having any part in it!

We had a really great time but I was so exhausted after we came home! I actually asked myself, "What were you thinking taking two toddlers to the beach at 7 1/2 months pregnant without your husband!?" It was rough but we made some priceless memories that I will never forget! The rest is history!

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