Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meet Eli

Eli will be 5 months on the 30th. We got a couple of weeks behind on his appointments so we just went yesterday for his 4 month check up. His stats are:

Length: 27" (90%)
Weight: 18.7 (90-95%)
Head Cir: 17 1/2 (90%)

Let me start off by saying that this sweet baby boy is the best baby I have ever seen! 
He had to have 4 shots yesterday and after a few minutes of being upset he was okay, he was really more tired than anything! He took a little nap after we left the doctor and woke up all smiles. 

He's been having some allergy troubles for a while which causes him to stay congested a lot. Mainly when he sleeps which leads me to believe it's something in our room that he's allergic to. I tried Zyrtec and it didn't help, then we tried Singulair and it was horrible. He couldn't sleep and was very irritable and wanted to be held constantly. Yesterday, the doctor recommended trying Claritin so I guess we will give it a go and see if it helps any.

He is drinking 7 oz. every 4 hours with cereal. I know everything they say about cereal but I guess I'm old fashioned. I've given it to all of my babies. I think it really does fill their bellies up more. Well Okay, I gave it to Jaycelyn and Noah because they needed it. Doctors recommendation, but Eli wasn't having a whole lot of problems with spitting up but it was very acidy. 

I feed him his cereal on a spoon quite often now too and he does really good with it.

He sleeps in the bed with me the pack n' play beside my bed from around 8-9 pm until 8-9 am. ;) Really he does sleep in the pack n' play and comforts himself to sleep. He has a little cry that says, "Mommy, I'm very tired, can you please put me in my bed?" He only sleeps in my bed sometimes when I start to think about how big he is getting and I want to soak in every moment before it's gone, or like the other night when not thinking, I put him in bed with a short sleeve shirt on and when checking on him before I got in the bed, felt little chills on his arms. That's when I scoop him up from his bed and tuck him in beside me. I should've already moved him to his bed but I'm just not ready yet. Pathetic, I know! lol

He rolled over for the first time Monday night. He was completely on his belly but he still had his left arm tucked under him a little bit. I don't know if I can really count that or not? 

He chews on his little chunky fingers and it's the cutest thing ever! He has a smile that could kill and dimples that just melt my heart! His gums have been swollen for a while now and the drool is overflowing but no teeth yet. 

I've been trying to teach him Momma for a while now. He said what sounded like Momma twice when he was a little fussy and I'm not the only one who heard it. So I'll take it as his first words. hehe


 His jumperoo. We got it for him a few weeks ago. At first he was a little too short for it so I kept a pillow under it but now he has jumped so much he's stretched the springs out and can touch the floor. Poor little thing is on a break now from it because he has blisters on his feet. He really know's how to get down! 

Snuggling with his frog binky when he's taking a nap or going to bed. 

Taking a bath. He always smiles and talks to me when I get him out and dress him.

 Watching his big brother and sister and listening to them talk and interact with him. 

 Talking and sitting with his Daddy while watching my every move.

Talking to his toys or anything colorful.

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