Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eli's Birth Story

Hey friends! Sorry I haven't posted anything in quite a while! I realized the last post I wrote was from my 31st week of pregnancy and seeing as how Eli is almost 5 months now I thought I would start somewhat from where I left off and tell you about my birth story. First off, there isn't much to say with it being my third one. It was quick and everything went well....The End! 

Okay, Just kidding...

I was induced with all three. Not one of them made an effort to make their appearance on their own. I was induced 2 days after my due date with Jaycelyn, 5 days early with Noah, and 2 days late with Eli.

The night before my induction we took Jaycelyn and Noah to my mother-in-laws to stay the night and she was planning to bring them up when we got close to the big debut.  
Jason and I went home late, so of course I was up most of the night doing crazy things. I think it was about 2 am before I went to bed and I got up at 4am to get ready and head out by 5am since we are an hour away from the hospital.
Jason parked the car while I went in to sign in. After I got in the delivery room, I realized I was in the same one with Noah. I was praying that I wouldn't get the same nurse as with Noah! We won't go into detail, but let's just say, we had some major differences. I had already planned to send Jason out and request a new nurse if I wound up with her again. 
We did all the paperwork and they finally got my IV in after the third time of blowing my veins out. I was like come on people, "these are the biggest veins ever, how can you not get it right?" That was the first time I've ever had that happen! 

Turns out, I didn't have the same nurse. I had a wonderful nurse that I really liked! 
The Doctor came in at around 8 am. I was 3 cm dilated and around 60% effaced. He broke my water and they started Pitocin around 8:30. Then the contractions started! Like no other, I was having back labor with the added joy of Pitocin and it hurt like hell! I decided to have an epidural around 9:30 or so. 

After getting the epidural, my mom and sister joined us in the delivery room. In the waiting room was every one else in our entire family. You would think this wasn't the third go around. But, you should have seen the first! Can we say looney tunes very excited!? :)

We talked for a couple of hours and my nurse decided to go to lunch around 11:30. I decided I was going to take a nap so I turned the lights off and the tv on. Right when I did, the doctor walked in to check progress. Then he said, head's right here, it's time! My poor nurse had to leave in the middle of lunch to come in and get things ready. 

I started pushing at 11:49am and we met our beautiful baby boy at 11:53am. 

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