Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Lot To Catch Up On

First thing....My flight last Friday went great. If you didn't already notice, I'm still alive! It really wasn't bad. It was a small plane but it was so loud. It didn't help the killer headache I had the whole way but overall it was good. The flight only lasted 1 1/2 hours. I also got to watch the sunrise. Not something I get to sit and enjoy very often!

Saturday night my mother-in-law, Peyton, Tucker, (niece & nephew), Jaycelyn, Noah, and I went to Mizu Japanese steak house and ate.

Noah has been acting really shy lately. If anyone even talks to him or looks at him he starts screaming and wants to be held. He was scared of the cooks at the restaurant and tried to climb out of his highchair and into my lap. After a minute he was okay. I gave him my phone to play with and that kept his attention for a little while. A matter of fact every time I acted like I was going to touch it he jerked it away and said "un-uh".

Jaycelyn loves the food and she is always so attentive of whats going on when they're cooking.

After we ate we took the kids to see Tangled, (mainly Jaycelyn) a movie about Repunzel. It was a really cute movie. It was a first for both of them. I think that they did really good considering their ages. They were really content and quiet for most of the movie. Maybe because they'd never seen anything like it and they were a little freaked. Toward the end Noah got sleepy and started to get fussy so he had to be taken out. Jaycelyn just kept talking about the princess in the movie and rubbing my face saying, "Mommy, I Love You"! So sweet, I couldn't help but smile. What mom doesn't love to hear that? I still think it will be a little while before we attempt to see another one.

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