Saturday, December 11, 2010

Up Late...'s late and I realized there was a something that I forgot to mention in my earlier post!Not to mention I'm trying not to overload or over bore because I have so much to say! Anyways, For any of you that have babies who may be teething or have a runny nose or even a very red or chapped bottom due to a virus or something, then you know how broken out they can be and how terrible it can look or they can feel! This weather definitely doesn't help it one bit either. Well, since the kids are sick and teething, their faces stay broken out quite a bit. I've found that using Eucerin cream usually burns their faces when it is chapped and can make it feel worse. So by saying that, a couple of months ago, my Memaw, who I've only known for a short time but I love her dearly (will post on that later) told me about Vitamin A capsules.

Now this may not be a secret to you but it was to me and now I'm glad that I know! You can buy Vitamin A in liquid form but I just use the gel capsules and bite it with my teeth and squeeze the oil out of it. I think it works better than anything else I've used and I have two happy babies after using it! No crying because it's burning! It's not really oily I would say, it's more like a soft oil that absorbs very well. You can use it for all kinds of things! Your skin, your lips, your hands! I think it's great! Anyways I just thought I would share that with everyone else and hopefully it will help you as much as it does me! This little man sure does seem to think so!

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