Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kid's First Fishing Trip

On Thursday Jason and I took all three of the kids out on his boat so that daddy the kids could fish. Jaycelyn and Noah have been on their grandparents pontoon boat before but this was a first for all of them on daddy's boat and Eli's first time ever. 

I, of course was a nervous wreck! The kids on the other hand were loving it! Although, Eli wasn't too fond of his life jacket and kept squealing, which is what he does when he's aggravated or tired and fighting his sleep. 

They looked at the ducks....

Noah waved and said "hello duckies",

Then, he waved and said, "bye bye duckies"

We stopped at Beeswax to get some minnows and Sandra brought out some bread so that the kids could feed the brim around the pier.

One nibbled on Jaycelyn's finger and she nearly jumped out of her skin, It scared her so bad she wouldn't put her hand near the water again....

We eased across the slough to throw the kid's lines out. On the way, Jason caught a little bass & showed it to the kids, they wouldn't dare touch it though....

We got the kids lines ready and threw them out. 

They weren't interested though! Instead, I turn around to see this...

And THIS!! NOAH kissing all over the fish!!!

I told him that was so nasty and to STOP it NOW! That's when he told me he was petting it, but he was really holding one in his hands poking it in the face and in it's eyeballs! Poor little guy!

I was so disgusted, plus all the other things that are probably going through your mind right about now! But, what could I say? He's a BOY, and that's just what boys do! ugh...

The kids were too interested in playing with the minnows that they didn't even try to catch any fish. That's okay though because it was a great experience for them and they had a blast! 
Wore them out too!

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