Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Product Review: Rainforest Jumperoo


Today I wanted to tell you about the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. Up until recently, I thought that every child had one because in my opinion, they are that great! I guess there are other great products out there as well but this is definitely one of those must haves in our house!
All three of my children have had one and absolutely loved it! I started putting them in it around 3-4 months old. They're usually always too short at first but a pillow or folded blanket under their feet works great until their tiny toes can reach the floor.
All three of them would spend hours on end jumping their little hearts out in this thing, take a little siesta and then wake up and get straight back to it. This is where Eli spends the majority of his play time during the day. 

I think it really builds up their leg strength and helps them to stand very early on. Look at these thighs!

It has lights, music, sounds, and a lot of other little gadgets. I love all of the bright colors! It really grabs your little one's attention.

This frog and toucan hang over head. Eli loves to reach up and grab them.

 He loves chewing on this little bug that hangs off of the side.

It also has three height adjustments....

 I hope that we have helped you with your decision on this jumperoo. This little guy definitely approves and says, "Don't wait, go out and get one now!" :)

I hope it will be as much fun for you and your LO as well!

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