Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boo Boo's and Sippy Cups

I think I have one of the clumsiest children out there! Jaycelyn can do zumba in high heels but she can't even walk a straight line! Bless her heart, she's just one hyper silly girl, she just really needs to slow down and work on her balance a little bit! Okay a lot!
 Look at this pitiful face! 

Black eye from her and Noah running into each other, only she got the worse end and hit his forehead. This was seconds after she ran face first right into the front door.

Scrape on her elbow where she fell in the driveway.

Her entire knees are bruised where she fell sideways out of the recliner, the exact same way, twice within seconds of each other! All of these happened over about three days!
Please tell me she'll grow out of this!

Today was one of my few attempts of trying to get Eli to drink out of a cup. 

I guess I could have given him an easier cup but right now I refuse to buy any other cups except Gerber. This was the earliest stage that they had when I purchased them, but I think they make one for beginners also, or they used too. Maybe I can find one soon. 

I'm sure you can guess how it went since I'm already on the lookout for another cup. He's done okay with it before and knows there is something in it but right now he prefers to just chew on it. He is teething though, I can't tell you exactly where because all of his gums are swollen but if he's anything like his brother and sister then they're probably all trying to make their appearance at the same time.

Basically he just looked at it...

shook it...

looked at me wondering what in the world I was doing...

and then rolled over and tried to eat it!

I think he'll catch on soon enough.
 After all, I don't want to rush anything, he is the baby....for now!

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