Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lets Talk Diaper Bags....

Ok, let's face it, me going for just a "stylish" diaper bag this time around is completely out of the question. I am also so tired of not having any room for anything. When this little one is born I'm sure I won't really have to do much packing for Jaycelyn anymore. Just packing for a newborn is a lot in itself plus Noah.

Here are my thoughts!

First of all I'm going to need something hands free and very roomy. I like my stuff to be organized and in a specific place! This is what I'm looking at as of right now. It's not cute or stylish but it seems like it has a lot of room and it's a backpack so it would be so much easier! Also, it is bigger than what it looks in the picture. It is made by ERGO baby and you can read more about it here!

So that is all of my thoughts on that right now and if anyone has used this backpack please let me know or if you have any other ideas of something that would fit my "criteria" it would be greatly appreciated! :)


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I'm following yours now too, because I love reading about other moms who are due in August too. :)

    I have wondered if I will want more of a hands-free type of diaper bag instead of the one I picked... And I'm going to encourage my husband to pick out his own that is that style. Who knows... I will probably end up using his more. Ha!

  2. Another style that I've heard that many men like is the backpack. (My husband totally disagreed with that, though, so you'd better check with your spouse if you consider buying one.)

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