Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Great Day

Today was my second baby appointment. Well actually last Wednesday was, but since I didn't show up because somehow I got the dates mixed up and thought it was today, I'm so thankful they were able to get me in anyway! Before my appointment, we met met my mom, sister, and grandma for chinese at Hunan's. On the way there I looked in the back seat and this is what I saw...

This kid will not stay in his car seat for anything. I can tighten the straps so tight he can barely breathe and he still manages to wiggle his way out of it!

The other day he was in his car seat while I locked the house up to leave and when I came out, his door was open! So thankful we have child lock!

Yes, he's playing with panties! lol Jaycelyn has this obsession with carrying all of her panties around in a bag wherever we go, but still refuses to wear them! That is a work in progress though! Soon, very soon!

This is my sister trying to get Jaycelyn to look at the camera which she never does.

That is about the only decent picture I managed to get.

After lunch, I went to my appointment while the kids went and did a little shopping with my mom and sister.

I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It was 176 BMP.
(I tried to load a video but it still hadn't loaded by this morning!)
The doctor said that everything looks great and in about 8 weeks we will find out the gender!

Today I also bought a little something for the baby. I just couldn't help myself. I thought they were so adorable and you so cannot beat $1.49!

On a different note, It's snowing!!!

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