Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow & Sweets

Well, last night it snowed what seemed like forever! For Alabama anyway! We didn't get a whole lot, but more than usual. The kids went to my mom's last night but at the time I had no idea that it was supposed to snow and even if I did, I probably would have said, "yeah right!" Well, right when I got home it started and when it really started to come down, Jason and I decided to get in the jeep and go for a ride and go see the kids. When we got to my mom's the babies were already in bed so we just wound up throwing snow balls at anyone who would come to the front door. :)

This afternoon we went for a ride to look at the snow that was still on the ground and had lunch at Zapopan's.

Then we went to my parent's to pick up the kids, visited with them for the rest of the afternoon and ate dinner. While we were there the kids made some valentine cupcakes with my mom. I must say the best ones I've ever had and the cutest little bakers I've ever seen! ;)

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