Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Review

Last week we went to my parents house a good bit because my Grandparents (my mom's dad and stepmom) came in from Minnesota. I didn't get any good pictures really but here is a picture of them with Noah when he was about 2 months old.

Plus, my mom is a wonderful cook and we got to enjoy eating over there every day. :)

Friday night my Grandma (mom's mom) brought cabbage rolls and salad over for dinner. We had a good night and wound up staying until 1 am. Jason was especially happy because he got to take half of the pan home and eat them for the next 4 days. He could eat cabbage rolls every day for the rest of his life! Me, not so much!

Saturday was my first day back to work in a couple of weeks. It was a good day and I got off around 1:30. After I got home we got the kids ready to go watch my nephew Tucker's basketball game. Noah enjoyed some popcorn while we were there. Actually, the truth is Noah crawled over two people just to snatch the popcorn out of my hand and enjoy some!

Tucker played a great game and they Won!

Sunday we went back over to my parents house to spend the last day with my grandparents before they left on Monday. We also had cake and ice cream for my MeMaw since Thursday is her birthday and we wouldn't see her. Jaycelyn had to help her blow out the candles.

They had to leave yesterday and I miss them already! I'm so glad that we got to spend some time with them last week. We don't get to very often!

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  1. Noah eating the popcorn is priceless! That boy will eat ANYTHING...he is too precious! I love how "helpful" Jaycelyn always is...she probably wanted to help blow out Nell's candles because she wanted it to be HER birthday too! LOL I had a great time with all of you Friday night and am glad that most of the family was able to be there...with the exception of Chrissy and Mark...I missed their presence :( I love you sweet girl and am happy your first day back to work was a good one :) <3 Aunt Carla



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