Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eli at 9 months

Since Eli turned 9 months yesterday I wanted to do an update on him. Since the last post I did about him here, he has been all over the place! He started crawling almost immediately after he started sitting up. He loves being able to follow J & N around the house to see what they're getting into. And me too of course!
 He doesn't like his jumperoo too much anymore but he is so happy and content sitting on the floor for hours playing with toys. He will even crawl in his room and play by himself, with me secretly observing from a distance of course.

FYI: Yes I am aware that his shirt is filthy.

Remember that top tooth I was complaining about before? Well here are those better pics I was going to try and get. Only thing now is his twin decided to make it's appearance this week and let's just say I will be so happy when Eli and I can sleep through the night again because he has been miserable and I have been exhausted! Poor baby has been up every hour and just tosses and turns all night. Hopefully things will be better tonight or very soon. I'll get a pic of both of those monster munchers soon. 

Today while in his pack n' play he started this...

Now he's pulling up on everything...

I also finally bought him a Nuk beginners cup and gave him some juice in it for the first time today. He took right to it with no problem! I didn't have a problem taking the other two off of the bottle but I'm not so sure about this little turd. :)


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  1. Holy cow...he's gone from zero to sixty! He's so precious, Rachel!



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