Thursday, May 10, 2012

A long walk...

The other day, the kids and I went for a very LONG walk through our neighborhood. We started out one way toward the horse farm so the kids could see if any of the horses were out of the stables, since it was a pretty, yet muggy humid day. Our neighborhood makes a big loop, but it is always longer than I remember! Like 2 miles longer! For me, I can handle it! Two toddlers, not so much! Oh, and I was hoping to get some good pictures while we were out and about. Yeah, about that... Someone please tell me exactly what in the world I was thinking!?!

We saw a turtle first... The kids kept saying it was a snapping turtle but I am most certain that it was not.

When we reached the horse farm, there were two horses running in the pasture. They stopped to watch them and couldn't stop laughing.

One was very friendly and came to see us...

We started on our walk again. They were curious what was behind this gate...

We finally made it around to the boat launch and we sat in the shade and cooled off. There was a nice little breeze blowing. It helped, because we were hot and sweaty by this point!
Something else I "thought" I remembered was that the roads were shaded and they definitely were not!

Bella was fixing to stroke out so she stood in the water forever trying to cool off.
 Her breed can not really tolerate temps over 80 degrees. You can tell it too when she gets overheated. She nearly gives me a heart attack listening to her breathe!

Noah cooperated quite well for a few pictures. Jaycelyn on the other hand is just a big brat when you pull the camera out. This picture says it all...

I got some other good ones of my precious boys though...

Maybe Jaycelyn will get with the program soon! I've never seen a little Diva Princess like her, not like a camera!

Unfortunately, by the time we got home Noah was crying and they were so miserable, bless their hearts! But they sure did take a LONG nap! And so did this Momma right here!


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