Sunday, May 13, 2012

Teething Hell

Since last week or so, we have been in teething HELL! If you've been there then you know why I gave it that glorious description. 
Eli just had two different antibiotics and a steroid for the croup and an ear infection but has only acted worse since. 
He is such a happy content baby that it was quite obvious that he wasn't feeling better. I just wasn't exactly sure if his ear was still infected or if he was teething? Even after alternating Tylenol and Advil, he was still waking up every hour to two hours through the night. Even sleeping with us, (which I usually only do when I'm really exhausted and need some sleep, so that I don't have to get up with him all night) he tossed and turned, whined and cried in his sleep, and woke up screaming a few times. :( After last night, the worst by far, I knew this poor baby was just not feeling good at all!! 
I had Jason pick up some teething tablets today because I was pretty sure that's what it was, but then tonight I was assured when I saw this...

It is hard to see, but that is definitely a tooth coming through on his top left. That little white dot is it! I'm so glad because he is already sleeping so much better tonight! I can go to sleep with ease knowing my baby boy is feeling better! I'll try to get some better pictures tomorrow.


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  1. Bless his heart! Yes, I can definitely relate. My Parker is getting FOUR molars as I type this. Needless to say, we have definitely been living a teething nightmare too. I hope he continues to feel better, Rachel!



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